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The Company

Who is Tōdem?

Tōdem is a branding agency with a focus on purpose, culture and beautiful design. We provide inside-out transformational branding in a world that’s shrinking as quickly as it's expanding. Technology has brought us closer together from a communications perspective, yet the more connected we become, the more disconnected from our purpose and self-worth we feel. People are longing for culture in a culture-less world, meaning in the mundane. That’s why Tōdem was created: to help you, your organization, its employees, and all the lives you touch matter, by creating or reinvigorating your brand from the inside-out.

Our Purpose

We want to bring more meaning into the lives of others, and branding is our vehicle to do so. We understand the power branding has to define, connect, grow and enrich the human experience. Branding is more than a logo–it's a totem with the capacity to hold your values, stories, identity, culture and aspirations. It reminds you of who you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to be, then it gives you a platform to share your identity with the rest of the world.

Behind the Name: TŌDEM

Totems are tangible representations of the intangible. They are not just universal ideas. They hold specific meaning to a specific group of people, whose members are connected on an intrinsic level for reasons significant only to them. We create totems–or to be crystal clear, tōdems.

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Our Mission

It is our mission to bring more meaning to the workplace by giving companies a living brand that internally unites its employees and externally connects to others, fueling growth and happiness.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an agency with a fresh perspective that approaches branding with purpose, practicality, authenticity and simplicity. We wish to inspire a new way of thinking that allows for more businesses to thrive with a new sense of purpose and intent.

Our Internal Mantra

Use your talents to enrich the lives of others.

Our External Promise

We promise to be an attentive, insightful and enthusiastic partner who is as emotionally and spiritually invested in your business as you are, with a deep desire to see you reach your full potential by developing a well-rounded living brand with longevity and not simply short-term pizzazz.

Our People

Rhem Galloway

Chief Brand Leader

Rhem feels right at home with her 11 and 9-year-old when they are surrounded with markers, crayons, and paint, the same as she did when she was their age. Being creative with a wandering (yet curious) mind has been a part of who she is for as long as she, or anyone that knows her, can remember.

As our leader and visionary, Rhem pushes the limits and is never held back by possibilities. She is creatively resourceful and uses those skills to drive an authentic brand for both Tōdem and our clients. Her freelancing days afforded her the opportunity to enjoy the entire branding process from start to finish and inspired the vision for the processes we use today in all aspects of our business. Her strategic mind views brand as business—she knows how to create a brand for our clients that speaks to them today and has the ability to grow with them into the future. Rhem may be smart and resourceful, but she’s also extremely fun to be around. She is most definitely someone you want to have on your team. Her favorite part of the job is one-on-one time with clients and seeing everyone’s hard work pay off when whatever is at hand comes to life.

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Lucy Zeiger

Senior Brand Leader

Lucy thrives on the problem-solving challenges that come with creative marketing and enjoys that no day is like her last. Her passion for sharing a brand’s story, or the why behind their what, led her to Tōdem where she has the opportunity to assist companies in reaching new heights day in and day out. Diligent and detail-oriented, Lucy’s thorough research skills ensure all possibilities are explored and the most effective touchpoints are found for our clients.

Lucy makes sure clients have a clear understanding of how to live out their visual brand through adherence to their brand guidelines. And her patience makes her an effective teacher for both our clients and our interns. Unintentionally, she has become our in-house tech expert—if she doesn’t know the answer, she will discover it through her research.

In her downtime, you can find Lucy chasing her two girls, throwing a ball for her energetic lab, or engaging in a little friendly competition with her husband. And her little nugget to live by is: if you ever doubt it, sleep on it.

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Caroline Reinhardt

Senior Brand Leader

Packing a car for a long road trip represents a good time for almost no one. But Caroline welcomes the opportunity to solve this sort of puzzle in life and in work. In both the action of packing a car and in graphic design, everything has a place and ideal orientation. Success or failure hinges on the optimum use of the elements with the given space.

This metaphor illustrates how Caroline is a constant and a problem-solver for both our clients and employees. No matter the challenge, she stays focused, can’t be shaken, and ultimately creates the best possible results. She thoughtfully carries out any visual task put in front of her and then some. As our color queen, Caroline develops the psychology of colors behind each brand. She also has an uncanny ability to pull intangible concepts out of a verbal brand and transform them into the client’s visual identity. From logos to layouts and t-shirts to grand signage, the job gets done with careful attention to detail and beautiful execution with Caroline. Ask and you shall receive exactly what you asked for, with a sweet personality to boot.

Caroline spends most of her time with her husband, two energetic girls, and busy son. From princess dress-up to hiking and soccer practice, her family enjoys a wide range of activities together, and laughter can always be heard in their home. Caroline loves that Tōdem offers her the opportunity to work in the field she has always loved while maximizing the time she gets to spend with her family.

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Tiffany Williams

Strategic Thought Leader

Tiffany’s mantra is to spread joy in the world. She finds that her work at Tōdem does just that. She is able to facilitate her clients in finding their company’s purpose so that owners and employees alike find fulfillment through their job. Tiffany possesses the ability to effectively and strategically think big and wide. This allows her to develop conceptual ideas into a reality that is tangible and can be made into a brand.

She dives deep to pull out concepts and ideas from verbal brands and translates them into visual entities. Tiffany has a particularly unique skill in finding gifts and promotional pieces that thoughtfully connect back to our clients’ values and represent who they are through a tangible item. Her resourcefulness isn’t limited to solving people’s problems, but also makes her a compelling copywriter.

Having lost her parents in a car accident, Tiffany has a deep understanding of how precious the people are in her life. She adores her husband, son, and daughter and laughs at the fact that you can always find a baseball and a necklace in her purse at any given time. Tiffany’s air of positivity is always present and is exemplified when she teaches her children to “never say never and never say can’t.” She demonstrates this belief daily at Tōdem. No matter the challenge, she trusts it can be done… and figures out a way.

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Anastasia Shcherbina

Brand Artist

Anastasia has been dipping her toes in art from a very early age. While most children were attracted to crayons—she was drawn to a simple pencil. Though many would say the tool is boring, she found her satisfaction in shading, blending, and attempting to draw things the way she saw them. As a fine arts-based branding firm, Anastasia fit right in at Todem with her ability to merge fine art with how to create it in today’s every-changing world.

Her youthfulness has brought a whole new level of skill sets in the tech/digital space and have afforded Todem the opportunity to create a more well-rounded brand for our clients. Anastasia focuses on cranking out letterforms, illustrations, and high-creative needs. Her work is detail-oriented, precise, and of course full of sketches and renderings as her nature always draws her back to the simple little graphite pencil. She also has the skill of reading through a verbal brand and pulling out concepts to make art and brand elements that reflect the essential ideas within the brand.

When she’s not designing or sketching, Anastasia loves to create floral arrangements, test out new recipes, and get crafty with her young son. She and her husband recently welcomed a baby girl into the world and are enjoying every precious moment as they watch their family grow.

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Our Culture

Our Values

We have a few rules we live by every day.

  • Treat everyone like they matter–because they do.
  • Don’t stop asking questions.
  • Check your ego at the door.
  • Keep it simple, whatever it is.
  • Be yourself. It’s all you have.
  • Make work a part of your life–not your whole life.
  • Life is short. Give it all you’ve got and then some.
  • When in doubt, look to the inside.
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Inside Tōdem

We're not the stereotypical agency with pool tables in the office and workaholic bosses. We're a group of women who came together over a common appreciation for depth and meaning in life, and we find that meaning through our work, as well as our lives outside of work. When you come to us for assistance, we're not going to throw out marketing jargon at you. Instead, we'll sit down with you and get to know you. You'll most likely be surprised at the knowledge we'll bring to the table. And by the end of the process, we'll probably all be friends.

“Over time and under the right circumstances, the norms and values of the group to which we belong become our own. We internalize them. We carry them with us. The way we do things around here and why eventually becomes The way I do things and why.
- Angela Duckworth, Author of Grit
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